Gary Scholes is a mixed-media visual artist based in London.

‘The inspiration for the work of Gary Scholes often comes from illustrated books, photographs and other printed material such as maps and instruction manuals. He is also influenced by the popular culture of his youth, referencing toys, games and comics. From these sources Gary selects images that appeal to him and juxtaposes them in a way that subverts their meaning and produces something visually interesting, translating the resultant combinations into paintings, prints or sculptures.’

Extract from ‘The State of Art – Representational & Abstract #2'  Bare Hill Publishing 2014

Recent exhibitions

2020    'Art Unlocked' Orleans House Gallery, Richmond, London.


2020    Wells Art Contemporary - Online Exhibition.


2019    Wells Art Contemporary - Wells Cathedral, Somerset.


2018     'Platform for Emerging Arts 17 '– Leyden Gallery, London E1.


2018     'Treasures of the Deep' – Solo show at the Stone Space Gallery, London E11.


2017     'Art House' - Richmond Borough Open Studios, Teddington, London.


2017    'Surreal Vintage Exhibition' - Original Tapsters, Colne, Lancashire.


2015    Surreal Vintage Exhibition - 'World Within Without' - Landmark Arts Centre, Teddington, London.


2014    'Surreal Vintage Launch' - Jonathan Ross Gallery 286, Earl's Court, London. 


2011    'At Play' - South Hill Park, Bracknell, Berkshire.


2010    Art Stop - 'Celebrating Surrey' Festival at Loseley Park, Guildford.